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Over Paying

Overpaying For Insurance: Here’s How To Save Money

Today.com published a very good article (linked below) on how policy holders may be overpaying for insurance. I appreciate how they provided information beyond what I typically see in mainstream media insurance articles. Instead of just focusing on auto policies and how consumers should compare rates every couple years, they went on to discuss homeowners credit scores, factors that affect life insurance premiums and closed with the benefits of renters insurance and bundling policy lines together.

I would add to their article the importance of having a proactive agent who reviews a homeowners policy annually. This should be done to make sure coverage hasn’t fallen below 80 percent of the cost to replace your home as home values and construction costs are always changing. Additionally, that proactive agent should be updating an inventory of your personal property to address increases or decreases in coverage limits.

You can read the full Today.com article here – http://www.today.com/money/overpaying-insurance-heres-how-save-money-t41421